Welcome to Conlon Haulage

Conlon Haulage offer a Low Loader haulage service for our customers transportation needs. We will provide you with fully experienced drivers for transportation anywhere within the UK and Ireland.

Our company can provide the right low loader for any job whether it is a long, tall, wide, heavy or an unusual shaped load. When needed we can communicate with any local authorities needed for the safe delivery of our Haulage.

Please browse our website to get more information on our services and to find out more about our company.



Fast Professional Service

Since 1999 we have built up our company, and pride ourselves on doing everything in our power to do every job professionally , while using our wealth of experience and trained staff. All our customers get a professional service no matter what the job, 24 hours a day 7 days a week using our up to date and efficient vehicles. From this we have built up good relationships with our cutomers.

We are specialists and can handle and move the most awkward of loads by using our fleet of low-loader vehicles, using the latest low-loader equipment.

Professional Staff

All across the UK and ireland our expertly trained staff can provide smooth low loader services, ensuring our clients can relax in the knowledge that transportation will be delivered safely within a speedy time frame. Whatever your requirements you will be working with a team of fully trained, fully committed staff.

Contact Us

If you require more information please contact us using our contact form through our website, or else by ringing one of our telephone numbers provided. We will be happy to deal with any enquiry and will get back to you on these immediatley.